Outdoor Lamp Posts Base

 Outdoor Lamp Posts Base

Outdoor Lamp Posts Base – when you are in need of replacement parts for your street lamps, traffic signs, or landscape lighting, call Mel Northey Company. For nearly forty years our company has been serving the needs of architects, builders, developers, and contractors. Our services go far beyond selling quality lighting products including Outdoor Lamp Posts Base, we also work to make sure that if replacement parts are necessary, we will have them available for you.

When we work with building professionals, our commitment to them is that their new lighting systems will stand the test of time. Our cast aluminum Outdoor Lamp Posts Base, posts and other fixtures are designed with longevity in mind. Because we coat our products in such a way that they are rust proof as well as chip and fade resistant, we don’t expect that you will find replacement parts necessary often, but accidents do happen.

Nevertheless, when it comes to lighting in public areas where cars, buses, and other motorized vehicles occasionally collide with Outdoor Lamp Posts Base, we know that you count on us to have matching parts available to re-create your beautiful Outdoor Lamp Posts Base. We take our responsibility to our customers very seriously. Your lighting investment is protected when you deal with Mel Northey Company.

In addition to providing only the best Outdoor Lamp Posts Base and lighting products for residential needs, commercial developments and municipal planners, we also work hard to keep our impact upon the planet to a minimum. For this reason, we at Mel Northey subscribe to the Dark Sky initiative. It is our goal to eliminate old-fashioned lighting fixtures that send beams of “up-light” into the Texas night skies. Poorly designed lighting fixtures don’t do enough to make sure the light is focused on the ground where it belongs. For this reason, we offer a full line of Dark Sky compliant fixtures and replacement parts including Outdoor Lamp Posts Base. Dark Sky fixtures solve the problems associated with too much light ‘leaking’ into the night sky making stargazing difficult and life purely confusing for nocturnal birds and animals who can no longer differentiate night from day.

Bringing your lighting plan into the 21st Century is easier with Mel Northey Company. We make it our business to plan for the future of commercial, residential and municipal lighting.

We expect that Dark Sky regulations are inevitable – now is a good time to plan for upgrading your Outdoor Lamp Posts Base. When your lighting fixtures meet Dark Sky standards, you will rest better knowing that you are enjoying more bang for your kilowatt buck, but you are also shrinking your carbon footprint. If your lighting scheme doesn’t include Dark Sky fixtures, Mel Northey sells replacement parts including globes, Outdoor Lamp Posts Base, and retrofit kits to improve the functionality of your lighting fixtures.

From Outdoor Lamp Posts Base to a variety of beautiful Dark Sky compliant globes we stand ready to assist you in making the most of your lighting investment.



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