Product Specifications

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Residential grade total cast aluminum lamp posts and bases

Brand: Concord
Stock Number: 4832 – 12′ 4932 – 14′
overall height
Base Diameter: 17"
Height: 12′ OR 14′
Mount Style: Surface
Luminair Dims: 16" Diameter x 30" Height
Post Material: Cast Aluminum
Globe Material: Standard: Opaque Lexan
Lighting: Standard: Incandescent
Optional: (HID) HPS – High pressure
sodium, (MH) Metal Halide

Installation Instructions

Lights are to be installed onto a cement pad the depth of your local frost line. The base pad should be poured cylindricaly with a width of not less than 2″ larger than diameter of base. 1/2″ x 12″ to 18″ L-Shape bolts are necessary for installation (not provided, may obtain at your local hardware store) secure four (4) of these bolts, according to the template provided. Electrical conduit containing the main electrical wire should protrude through the center of this cement pad. Connect the base of the light to the cement pad using nuts, and connect the main electrical wire to the leads extending down from the socket assembly (standard) or the ballast/socket assembly (optional). Assembly is now complete.

Additional Information

Mel Northey lights run on standard household current of 120v, unless otherwise specified.



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