Street Light for Sale

Street Light for Sale 

There comes a time in most businesses when a search for a street light for sale is necessary. Commercial outdoor lights serve many important functions, and it can be highly technical to achieve the desired effect, depending on the specific purpose. A street light for sale may be one that is ideal for parking lots, for bringing illumination to outdoor walkways, or to provide security for a business entrance.

Some considerations regarding whether a street light  is the right one for a particular business are the following:

  • Will the street light for sale be used as a primary source for outdoor, landscaping, or parking lot lighting?
  • Is there a decorative style that should be chosen? Is the street light for sale a good match for the design of the business, such as rustic, contemporary, coastal, modern, industrial, or cottage?
  • Is the strict purpose of additional lighting to provide better security?

A key technical consideration is the type of lighting a street light for sale may offer. Common types of commercial outdoor lights are LED, high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and pulse start metal halide (PSMH) lamps. Commercial lighting is often combined to create desired effects, including canopy lighting, landscape lighting, wrap lights, flood lights. Other lighting may be considered when deciding which street light for sale is the right one.

Light-Emitting Diodes or LED lights may be featured in a street light for sale. It costs more up front to have LED lighting, but they are the bulbs which last the longest of any other, at up to 50,000 hours. Those who are environmentally conscious may look for a street light for sale with LED lighting because there are no toxins in the materials and no harm comes to the environment with the use of LED lights. Environmentalists have said that using a single LED light can prevent up to a half ton of toxic greenhouse gas emissions from polluting the air.

street light for sale may be a high pressure sodium lamp (HPS Lamp), which is a typical type of street lamp. HPS Lamps were invented at General Electric in the U.S., and they have been in use since 1964. The significance of HPS lamps is that no other lighting is used by commercial businesses more. HPS lamps can be more compact than other common types of lighting, and they have more longevity than low pressure sodium lamps. A helpful feature in an HPS street light for sale is that it is possible to retrofit HPS lamps into other fixtures that have mercury vapor lighting.

Another type of street light for sale may be a pulse start metal halide light. The pulse start technology can increase the lamp life by up to 50%. There is a high-voltage igniter in these types of lamps, and one of the effects of the igniter is that lamps start up and warm up more quickly in cold weather.



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